If you could teach only one skill to the students in your class, what would it be? The answers to this question asked by eSN Today led to an article last August, that listed the ten skills educators considered to be the most important.


And, probably unsurprisingly, at least to me, number one on the list was reading. What was surprising to me was that there were other skills people consider to be more important than reading! Check out the above link to see what other skills are on the list.

Now while I agree that reading is the most important skill of those listed, what I think is even more important and what I would wish for each of my students is that they develop a LOVE of reading.

The SKILL of reading is necessary for success in just about every subject area. Proficiency in reading leads to proficiency in spelling, a solid understanding of grammar and language, well developed comprehension, increased vocabulary and improved writing skills. It is a foundation to good literacy skills. It is a means of developing a wide general knowledge.

The LOVE of reading can give all that and much more.

  • Lovers of reading enjoy the comfortableness of curling up with a good book on a rainy day (or cloudy, cold, sunny…well, any day really).
  • They can escape from the craziness of the world around them and dive into another world created by someone else.  It is the ultimate form of escapism.
  • Fiction lovers meet new characters who they may love or hate, and many become friends that they want to know better.
  • They can use their own imaginations to create pictures of the characters and settings (…how many times have you seen a movie of a book only to come away knowing it was not the way you imagined it to be and therefore it was all wrong?)
  • They get excited when the next book in a series or the next book by a favourite author is released.
  • They can explore new worlds from the comfort of an armchair.
  • Non fiction lovers delight in learning more about the real world, its mysteries and beauty.
  • They can choose what, where and when to learn/read and pursue their own interests.

I know this list is incomplete. What do you think?

Are you a lover of reading? What would you add to the list?

Or maybe you would consider another skill more important to be on the top ten list. Let me know.

(Incidentally, I don’t necessarily think a reader needs to be highly skilled in reading to be a lover of reading…but more of that in a later post.)